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Rachel2335 6 days ago

Cascades Coffee

Amazing drinks and delicious pie! With the option of both sweet and savory pies, it's the perfect place to grab a late night bite. I am obsessed with their coffee cocktails and anything apple pie. 10/10 It's definitely worth putting my pants and bra back on to go out and enjoy a slice or two!

Guest 20 days ago

Strawberry Rhubarb

Had this pie a couple weeks ago and it blew me away had a sweetness without being too sweet and had a tartness that but threw on the lower side the buttery crumbly crust dissolves in your mouth this paired with a cocktail really defines a night cap highly recommend

Parkkellyd 25 days ago

Boozy Nut Pie

One of my favorites to get here. Perfect for a cozy fall day!

Thach.Sandy 25 days ago

Banana Cream

I love living down the street from pie bar. Their pies are sooo good and such a great way to end the day, especially with the addition to a dessert nightcap. A total win-win! Btw, the crust is NEVER soggy!

Pirakjas000 about 1 month ago

Peanut Butter Cream

Peanut Butter Pie- is the bomb!!!! Cant wait to come back.

Klpsunshine about 1 month ago

Banana Cream

Absolutely the best banana cream pie I have ever had. And that is saying a lot because my stepmoms is amazing. We have tried three or four different pies and have never been disappointed. They are all fresh wonderful ingredients and I even ordered one for my 50th birthday party instead of a cake. Highly recommend.

Minette.Stewart about 2 months ago

Strawberry Rhubarb

I went with my husband for a drink and dessert. I had the strawberry-rhubarb pie with the paper airplane cocktail. Nice presentation and excellent flavor. Service was excellent-friendly and informative. My husband had the brambleberry pie and licked his plate clean! I was impressed the bartender tried a new drink on us and asked for input. They seem to really care about quality.

Richjfly about 2 months ago

Apple Crumble

The best crumble I've had since an East coast grandma. Delicious!

Dmoehring 3 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

Sweet ! So many options !

Asismaet 3 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

It was amazing, the crust is so sugary and the perfect crisp. Each berry combines so well with one another and it's like biting into an amazing berry dessert... that's what it is! Pairs really well with vanilla ice cream.

Cuttersbk 3 months ago

Apple Pie Moonshine Mule

This was one of the best cocktails I have ever had! Moonshine can be a little scary for a lot of people but I thought I was drinking a literal apple pie. Definitely coming back next time I'm in Seattle.

Earthwulf 3 months ago

Lemon Meringue Pietini

This was a little glass of heaven... A wonderfully delicious, wildly deceptive drink - you wouldn't believe it was alcoholic! It far too easy to get lost in them. 11/10 stars!

Tammicoulter 3 months ago

Chicken Pot Pie

I remember when a certain local chef opened a restaurant with pie in the name and I was sooooo excited for Pie! Until I learned that the pie was pizza pie. I was seriously disappointed and boycotted that restaurant for many years. So when I learned of Pie Bar a few years ago I was a little skeptical that I would find either Pie or a Bar. My expectations were exceeded! Here I found real pie -- savory and sweet. And a real bar -- with all the wine, beer, and cocktail options. That all the pies are so delicious is almost too much joy for me to bear. All are great but my favorite is just the chicken pot pie. I'm happy that I live in Ballard so I can walk here anytime. If you don't live in Ballard it's definitely worth the trip. A true Ballard gem!

Natalie 3 months ago

Chicken Pot Pie

Very good. I love savory pies and this one didn't disappoint!! When I had it, it was served with a delicious salad on the side. The whole meal was scrumptious and fulfilling! Would definitely have again!

Wildcard4u 3 months ago

Ballard Bramble

Ballard bramble is a beautiful selection of berries and yummy crust blended together to be able up your taste buds - pairs with a nice cold beverage for a splendid nightcap- love the piebarballard

Mohollaren 19 days ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

I absolutely love pie bar!! I come here all the time and make sure to take any friends who visit Seattle, and they all love it! Bumble berry is my go to favorite, but key lime is a close second when it's in season!

Melindalu11 23 days ago

Ballard Bramble

Pie Bar rocks no matter what time of year it is (can hardly wait for pumpkin) and the berry pie is perfection on an August evening

Parkkellyd 25 days ago

Chocolate Cream

Treat yourself! Perfect pie for a fun night out

Halleraehey 27 days ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

OMG!!! So i work in Ballard and I was walking around one day and saw this place. Was craving something sweet and usually im an ice cream girl!But Chillllld! This is the best piece of pie I have ever had. I ranted and raved to my coworkers and my family. The next day I bought two slices for my parents and my Dad is picky but he loved it. The crust is delicious, the filling is perfect. Not too sweet or tart and just fine. Oh and lets not forget I love ice cream... YOU CAN ADD A SCOOP TO YOUR PIE!! I will forever be a customer here! I wish they had one in west Seattle where I live. This is delicious Pie and when i crave sweet, I will always go there for a piece! Thank You Pie Bar.

Shararwhite about 1 month ago


I bought this for my boyfriend who is a nut for peanut butter and no surprise he became a nut for this pie! The marionberry and ice cream added that extra flavor and will definitely be back for more!

Rebs13 about 2 months ago

Peanut Butter Cream

It's simply the best pie um Seattle!

Egewing47 about 2 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

My first time to the Pie Bar, and the berry crumble did not disappoint! It melts in your mouth and has the sweetness of raspberries and the slight twist of tanginess from the marionberries. It's the only item I've enjoyed but it's going to be hard to deviate from that staple now haha. Going to take my sister here for her 21st!

Callayne36 2 months ago


I can't say enough good things about Pie Bar. Since moving to Ballard, my husband and I have visited Pie Bar frequently. The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is chill. I've had multiple things here but the PB&J pie is my absolute favorite, hands down. It's so creamy and the compote tops it off perfectly. Can't wait to get back for another slice.

Ngarg1014 3 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

Amazing pie! I'm not usually a pie fan but I tried a slice of this one with my in laws and OMG so delicious!! It is perfectly made with the mix of berries- not too sweet- but the crumble gives it the sweetness and crunch you need. Absolutely delectable and a must order pie!!

Guest 3 months ago


Sinfully Amazing!!

Nicpond 3 months ago

Apple Crumble

You can't go wrong with apple crumble pie ala mode. Lots of great fruit flavor with plenty of crust and crumble for each bite. and the ice cream only adds to the deliciousness. One of the best apple pies I've ever had.

Melissa77 3 months ago

Peanut Butter Cream


Mandy 3 months ago

Chicken Pot Pie

Amazing chicken pot pie!

Natalie 3 months ago

Coconut Cream

Probably the BEST coconut cream pie I have EVER had!! So delicious, it's addicting!

Faithsdream 3 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

Everything I have tried here has been absolutely amazing! I've had many of the sweet pies but also fell for the savory ones as well!! Staff is fantastic and the whole set up is cozy enough to make you feel at home! Any chance I can I bring someone new just to share the greatness! You guys rock!


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