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Lauren 3 days ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

This pie is hands down one of my favorite comfort foods! The berries used taste so fresh with the perfect amount of crumble on top. The perfect bite consists of crumble, filling, and then vanilla ice cream!

Sydneyjrussell 13 days ago

Peanut Butter Cream

My boyfriend and I are OBSESSED with Pie Bar! We go at least once a week... shamelessly, of course! My go to pie is the peanut butter cream. It's light in density but very heavy in flavor. The peanut butter cream is smooth, sweet but not over the top on sugar, and has the perfect crunch on the crust.

Heiserhe 26 days ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

This pie combines two of the greats and is a delicious creation! Absolutely one of my favorites.

Abbeynormal8 27 days ago

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

I order the strawberry rhubarb crumble and a glass of milk every time. Best pie I've ever eaten! I don't love pie crust, and most of the time I'll eat the filling out of the middle, but here I eat the whole thing and dream about it all night!!!

Paige 28 days ago

Butter Baby

It tastes like your mother hugging you and telling you she's proud of you

Andrew about 1 month ago

Banana Cream

This pie is the most amazing pie I've ever had. I can't get over that rich creamy taste mixed with smooth bananas. It's hard to switch it up when I'm so happy with what I already know. Every time I get it I always tell myself to save half to enjoy tomorrow, but let's be honest, that never happens. The banana cream pie is gone the second I get home. I don't think I've ever been more content with a perfect piece of food in this world. Thank you.

Dttrhine about 1 month ago


Heavier on the PB, which is probably better for consistency. Really great fruit flavor! Love how unique but familiar this pie is.

Kiki about 1 month ago

Gobble Gobble Pot Pie

I just can never get enough of a Thanksgiving dinner, especially after the fact. SO those cravings continue and I find myself bellying up to the Pie Bar and getting my fix on the Gobble Gobble Pot Pie. It has everything to satisfy that craving! Perfect, flavorful, memory making in each bite! Ahhhhh!

Alicia98033 about 1 month ago

VEGAN Sour Cherry

DESLISH!! Perfect Crust I couldn't tell there was no butter. Really flaky. The sour cherry was just spectacular with the perfect balance of tart and sweet. The "ice ceam" was a perfect pair.

Veronicaleeann8 about 2 months ago

Cookies & Cream

Traveled from the east coast to visit some friends and they swore by your pies. I bought 3 different kinds, you pie is amazing and I haven't had anything as good since last may. Cant wait to come back!!!

Jaycee about 2 months ago

Apple Crumble

This place has great pies! I love a good apple crumble and that is what I got. I paired it with an apple pie moonshine mule that did not disappoint. My brother loves the PB&J pie and wants to go to the pie bar everytime he's in town. It's a fun bar option! I can't wait to try the pot pie one of these days.

Jraiche23 2 months ago

Apple Crumble

I stumbled across this place after checking out the Nordic Museum during free museum night with a friend. Love the concept and the pies are delicious and baked with love. I will definitely return! ❤️

Jamais182 2 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

We love this pie! Paired with the cocktail of the same name, it's a great time out :)

Ehoey 2 months ago

Apple Crumble

Best apple pie I've ever had 😍 The cookie crumble crust really takes it to the next level, no cap.! Cookies and cream pie is Just as good in my opinion but the apple crumble is pro choice. Not your average slice of apple pie, must try..... 🥮👀😍

Cantieri 3 months ago

Apple Crumble

Some of the best pie in Seattle! We love Pie Bar and enjoying a tasty piece of pie with a nice cocktail. Thank you for being the coolest bar in town!

Alyssacatherine1 3 months ago

VEGAN Sour Cherry

Beyond thrilled the cherry has gone vegan! This is my favorite pie and I'm so so happy to be able to eat it (I'm vegetarian and wasn't able to before)! Thank you pie bar and Adam!

Bricksautumn 3 months ago

Nutella Pietini

YUM!! I got the banana royale version and my it was tasty. Perfect balance of hazelnut and banana I have never had a bad experience at Pie Bar Ballard.

Paige 3 months ago

VEGAN Sour Cherry

Cherry Pie is my favorite pie. Growing up my family had it a lot. Now in my day to day life I don't have the time actually make one that isnt from the freezer isle. I tried Pie Bar about a month ago and it was amazing and reminded me of my childhood. While many people who arent vegan get scared by a VEGAN label - don't be, it doesn't substitute anything in flavor. I wouldn't even know if it didnt have vegan in the name. Ill be coming here more!

Cherise 3 months ago

Cookies & Cream

I live nearby, which makes this pie easy to get, but I would drive for hours just for the cookies and cream pie at pie bar. My fiance is a huge pie fan and has tried (and loved!) everything on the menu, but this is my tried and true and I can't get enough of it! Order it with their coffee for the perfect special occasion dessert!

Nikkic 4 months ago

Apple Crumble

Im not a fan of apple pie ... Except this one. Its great. Nice big chunks of apple, not too sweet with a crumble crust. Get it a la mode for a special treat!

Kelleybeld 4 days ago

Portobello Pot Pie

One of the best things I've ever eaten! I ordered a piece with salad and it was divine so came back later and ordered a whole pie to take home! A+++++!!!

Canamian 25 days ago

VEGAN Sour Cherry

We stopped by the take out window for pi day and I chose this one - and what a delicious pie! The crust is delicious and flaky with a crisp sugar finish. The whole cherries in the filling are a perfect combo of sour and sweet. I've been reminiscing about this pie for the past two days ;-) And I just now realized it was a vegan pie. I'm not a vegan, and didn't even know I ordered a vegan item. This pie is the best - vegan or non-vegan!

Drmbecker2 26 days ago

Apple Crumble

The apple pie is spectacular. It's the perfect combination of sweet & tart and the crust is oh so buttery while also being light enough that it doesn't overpower the filling.

Paige 28 days ago

Chicken Pot Pie

Rich, warm, hearty pie. Exactly what you'd want on a cold night (but I wouldn't turn it down on a warm night either). Pie bar's sweet pies are their main draw, but don't sleep on their savory offerings.

Dianalubbersphotography about 1 month ago

Coconut Cream

Absolutely delicious! I went back a few weeks later for round two haha! Fantastic, friendly service as well.

Rebs13 about 1 month ago


That pie is absolutely the best pie I've ever eaten. Nothing compares to it, seriously. It's my go-to whenever I'm in Ballard!

Winchxster about 1 month ago


So delicious!! Not only is the filling absolutely delicious, but the jam is so yummy paired with it! Feels so homemade. I also love the texture so much!

Gfsummers about 1 month ago

Apple Crumble

Best. Pie. Ever. Need i say more

Samwellie about 1 month ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

Pie Bar is easily one of my favorite places in Seattle! The pies, both savory and sweet, are delicious. It's also a great atmosphere and the servers are always friendly.

Denise about 2 months ago


Where do I begin? I'm not from Seattle and it was my first time visiting for my gf's bday. We decided to get some dessert after eating a very delicious dinner down the street. I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND THIS PLACE! We ordered the PB&J to share. If I could describe how Heaven taste like it would be this pie. It was love at first bite. We both enjoyed the pie so much. The scoop of vanilla ice cream was a PERFECT combination. I literally cannot stop thinking about this pie. I am so sad that there is not a location closer to me (we live in San Jose). It is the best pie I had ever had in my life. Better than any pie I have ever tasted. To be honest, I'm not really into pies that much or even PB&J but this, this pie right, here made me love both! I wish I can just fly there anytime to eat their pie. I am definitely coming back here when I come back to Seattle! A must go to for pie!

Yasahmed about 2 months ago


We went for trivia night and happened to win a whole pie during the raffle! I'm not a huge fan of PB&J but am in love with this pie! The creamy peanut butter filling pairs perfectly with the marionberry jelly. It's not too sweet but still reminiscent of my childhood. I definitely recommend stopping by Pie Bar on Thursday nights to participate in some trivia and try a slice of pie (or two)!!

Jainybear 2 months ago

Banana Cream

This pie flew straight down from heaven it is so incredibly delicious and smooth. The flavor alone makes you feel as though you're sitting on a beach on a tropical island in the Caribbean. PHENOMENAL!

Contact 2 months ago

Chicken Pot Pie

It was hard to choose just one item of the entire menu, because I love too many. That's the worst part about Pie Bar: choosing what to get. I love the Ballard Bumble martini, the coconut cream pie and the chicken pot pie (I usually get all 3). The staff is really dope, and will create anything you want, describe their favorites and show your the processes of their artisan drinks. Simply the best!

Jmackaycpa 3 months ago

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Loved getting to know the manager and discussing our mutual interest in forensic accounting, fun place to be, excited to go back. Strawberry Rhubarb pie is the best pie and they can make a worthy iteration

Anagha 3 months ago

Boozy Nut Pie

We normally drive all the way from downtown Seattle just for this one pie. It is one of the best desserts in the area, any day, any season any mood!

Williamslanced 3 months ago

Banana Cream

The smooth texture and authentic flavor of banana with the sliced bananas was heaven

Kellihicks2010 3 months ago

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

This pie is AMAZING!! I love the sweet filling and delicious crumble topping. I would get this pie every day if I could!

Bgoldmanuw 3 months ago

Banana Cream

This is simply the best pie You will ever taste. I eat it as slowly as possible to enjoy each delicious bite. If you didn't like banana cream in the past, this will make you a believer.

Joe 3 months ago

Portobello Pot Pie

Best vegan dish I have ever had, and I didn't even know it was vegan!

Ngulati 4 months ago

Ballard Bumble Berry Crumble

Absolutely delicious- so tangy! A pie I will never forget!


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